Kieran Nolan

Kieran is Alpha’s Chief Bitcoin Officer and Co-Founder and has been working on Bitcoin since Oct 10, 2012, 5:01 PM when he launched Australia’s first Bitcoin education program at school in NSW. Kieran later built the world’s first student-centric learning space in Victoria with a donation of 21 Bitcoin, where students learned about financial literacy and were able to choose their own learning journey’s; which included voting on how the 21 Bitcoin were allocated, and helping to build the space. Kieran has now launched TheSchoolofBitcoin, a virtual school and decentralised autonomous education system built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Kieran is also news manager of BitcoinAggregated, a news organisation dedicated to “curating and commenting on all the latest Bitcoin information from every corner of the Internet.” This platform now also hosts the alpha podcast.

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Bitcoin Education Basics


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